Mood Lighting Tips & Tricks


Lighting can go a long way in making a picture look just right. But there is also the psychological effect that certain lighting has that makes it sought after. Creating the perfect lighting can have an effect on one’s emotions. Whether it is calming or seducing, there are many ways to affect one’s mood through a light. The following is a list of mood lighting tips and tricks to make just the right atmosphere:


  1. Use Props


There are many types of lighting that are just pretty. For example, paper lights that are fashioned into shapes like stars often have colors on them to make the light a certain hue. These can be strung in a room or hung from the ceilings using hooks. This will create a feeling, a bohemian laid-back vibe. The lights are expensive so they can be used for hipster gatherings or any event that has a slightly magical theme. You can even put one in your room to go to bed.


The more that beautiful encasing objects are used for lighting, the more senses one appeals to. People love beautiful things and that is why lamps have been made so decoratively in the past. So get some lighting that speaks to the theme of the event. It will add to the aesthetic and make people excited to be there.


  1. Think for the Camera


If this is an event that needs to be photographed or filmed, then the lighting has to be just right. It is no good if the event will not show up well when documented digitally. So make sure to keep this in mind when planning the lighting. Always bring more light and back-up lights so that the time is not wasted. This is usually the case in weddings where people take lots of pictures, as well as employ professional photographers. It can also be a consideration for big parties like New Year’s Bashes. It can be nice for people to take pictures where the action is happening. If it is too dark, all the pictures will have a depressing darkness to them. This is not the greatest for marketing.


  1. Test it Out


To be really sure, a person who is setting the lighting can sit there and test it out. How does the aesthetic evoke a certain mood? A person needs to know what effect their work is having. Just testing it out can make all the difference.


  1. Be Creative


There are many trends in lighting, but to really have an impact, think outside of the box. For example, those Christmas tree white lights are pretty, but they have already been discovered. So many people use them now in their decor that it is not even funny. So try to walk on the less trodden path. For inspiration, just visit a nice lighting store. You will see all that is out there, and you might be surprised by new innovations. Of course, you also have to think budget, but at least you can see what’s out there.

As in doing anything, be creative. You can make DIY bath bombs without epsom salt and citric acid.